Diamond Fiber

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Diamond Fiber builder gel is reinforced with fiber particles and was designed for clients who are hard on their nails and need a stress resistant builder gel.
Medium – thick viscosity of the gel lets you sculpt nails of different length and thickness, including stilettoes. It is also perfect for setting larger clusters of stones in your designs.
Self levelling nature of the Diamond Fiber assists in even, effortless application and the gel will not flow on the skin. Recommended for fresh nail technicians.
Diamond Fiber Builder Gel is strongest when cured in UV and a bit more flexible when cured in LED.
Colour: Clear
Cure time: 2 min UV in 36 watt lamp, ~90 sec LED (depends on the bead thickness)
Application tip: to get a perfect coverage apply with a slow soft touch using Magic Brush
Size: 15 ml, 60ml, 120ml

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