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Easy Shape Nail Forms

Sculpting Made Fast and Easy

Learn how EasyShape forms will make your sculpting faster and easyer!

Extended Hyponychiums

Ep1 of Engineered to Perfection Series

The first episode of our Educational Series on Easy Shape nail forms. Learn how you can make your sculpting faster and easier, explore the forms in details and see how to make a perfect fit for nails with extended hyponychiums!

Perfect C-Curves

Ep2 of Engineered to Perfection Series

In this episodes we’ll look at how you can get perfect C-curves by simply modifying the forms.

All forms have preprinted guidelines making any modifications fast and easy!

Any Nail Shape

Ep3 of Engineered to Perfection Series

Learn how you can sculpt virtually any nail shape with EasyShape nail forms.

You can do oval, square, round, stiletto, edge, pipe, coffin and more!

Flat Smile Lines

Ep4 of Engineered to Perfection Series

Learn how you can sculpt extensions on nails with flat smile lines fast and easy without any form cutting!

Episode 4 of Engineered to Perfection Educational Series will guide you through PreciseSculpt™ technology developed for nails with flat smile lines.

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