Acrygel Starter Kit

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Get ready for acrygel revolution – strong like acrylics, yet self leveling like gel!

No more mess, liquids or spatulas. Just use it like your regular builder gel and enjoy the results! Acrygels come in no heat formulas, making your clients comfortable every second.

To make things even better, we have packaged it all into irresistible Acrygel Starter Kit.

Not only do you get 9 perfect camouflage shades, you’ll also receive our Silicone Thin Base and Tackless Hyper Shine inside.

Right now, you can get it at a crazy introductory price of just $177. This is 40% off the retail value!

Kit includes:

• Silicone Thin Base, 15ml
• Baby Pink Builder, 15ml
• Cream Puff Builder, 15ml
• Blush Builder, 15ml
• Elegance Builder, 15ml
• Romantic – Warm Builder, 15ml
• Romantic – Cool Builder, 15ml
• Crystal Shine Builder, 15ml
• Swiss White Builder, 15ml
• Swiss White Shine Builder, 15ml
• Tackless Hyper Shine, 15ml

Cure time: 2 min UV in 36 watt lamp, 60-90 sec LED (depends on the bead thickness)
Application tip: please remove at least 90% of previous builder gel or NailGuard from the nails, as different gel rigidity might cause service breakdown. Softer formulas bend with the nail plate and rigid ones do not. It is possible that the rigid gel might separate from the softer gel.

No need to use any liquids. Applied like gel, just a stronger one!

To get a perfect coverage apply with a slow soft touch using Magic Brush.
Size: 11 x 15 ml

In stock (can be backordered)

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