Red Mahogany – #216

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Oh… the… drama! This deeply dramatic shade of burgundy wine is surely worth talking about. Try it with our Luxe Matte Top Coat, for an even bolder statement!

Cream Gel Paints are essential in creating charming designs. With the variety of vibrant bright, calm conservative and playful neon colors you will find a perfect match for all of your clients’ wants. If you desire a unique color, CustomColor™ formula lets you mix any cream Magic Gel Paint to get your own signature color.

Cream colors are pigmented and let you do french designs in just one coat, saving you a lot of time and product. They also do not move or run so you can do all 5 nails at the same time without flash curing, saving you even more time and leaving you with crisp smile lines.

Cure time: 2 min UV in 36 watt lamp; 30-60 sec LED
Application tip: to get a perfect coverage apply gel paints with a slow soft touch using Flawless Sculpting #7 brush
Size: 7 ml

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