The Energies Winter Collection

$159.76 $139.79

The Energies is a special edition collection that was created to spark your creativity. Enjoy new one-coat coverage gel paints in eye catching deep tones, velvety shimmers and high-shine glitters found in this collection. The juicy colours of The Energies will match any clients style and bring happiness to their hearts.

The Energies includes:
#206 Azure Ice (One Coat Coverage) – An Icey blue base filled with velvety silver reflective foil.
#207 Sunset Tranquility – A dusty merlot red with a touch of elegant gold shimmer. The light captures this delicate shimmer and makes the gold truly sparkle.
#208 Rich Chocolate (One Coat Coverage) – A very pigmented rich and natural chocolate brown.
#209 Earthy Symphony (One Coat Coverage) – A deep and revitalizing earth green base with a mixture of iridescent shimmer that creates a dazzling look.
#210 Salsa Dress (One Coat Coverage) – A dimensional bright red glitter that emits confidence and strength.
#211 Purity (One Coat Coverage) – An energizing galaxy of multidimensional glitter that sparkle and catch the light from different angles.
#212 Violet Heart (One Coat Coverage) –  A mysterious and intriguing multicolour violet shimmer.
#213 Ocean Wonders (One Coat Coverage) – A classic deep blue that never goes out of style, this shade is enhanced with specs of shimmer that provide a subtle evening ocean tranquility.

Cure time: UV 2 min in 36 watt lamp; LED 30-60 sec
Size: 7 ml