NailGuard – Clear Builder Value Restock Kit

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You’ve been buying NailGuard™ by the tens so that you don’t run out. After all, not only is it the healthiest choice out there for gel manicures, nail overlays, and extensions, NailGuard™ saves you time and money. But you wanted even better value, and we want our customers happy. 

That’s why we’re launching the NailGuard™ Value Restock Kit. It’s the same great product in a value pack of 6 bottles that saves you a whopping 35% off.

This NailGuard™ Value Restock Kit:

  • Includes 6 15ml bottles of Clear Builder
  • Offers the biggest discount of all MagicGel value kits. 
  • Ensures you’ll never run out of product.
  • Saves you the time of having to continually restock.

Size: 6 x 15ml
Cure Time: 60 sec in LED, 2 min in UV

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