Healthiest Nail Services Ever – Oregon Masterclass


Perform healthiest nail services ever!

Learn how to eliminate finish filing, removing dust particles from your workspace, which are the primary cause for allergy symptoms in both nail techs and their clients.

Explore how you can easily create gel manicures, natural nail overlays and sculpted extensions with just one product.

See why hundreds of nail technicians fell in love with our newest NailGuard system – a revolutionary rubber base system that is free from all known carcinogens and hypoallergenic.

The class is free, however you must reserve your spot in advance. To get an even better deal and make sure you have everything you need to create amazing nails, you can order your standard course kit at 25% off that has all the gels (including Builder Gels) used in class or get the Premium Kit that includes all the products you will need in the class! The kit is not mandatory, but highly recommended to make sure you are not behind at the class.

Admission Fee: Free ($10 deposit is fully redeemable towards Magic Gel products and is required to reserve your spot)
Date: May 16, 2020
Time: 9:30am – 5:00pm
Location: Portland, OR