Fall and Fashion – Gel Polish Value Kit

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Fall and Fashion kit was inspired by the biggest color trends in fashion. We have put together a kit that encourages unique self-expression with rich, deep vibrant shades, earthy neutrals, along with unexpected pops of colour. Be creative, mix and match the colours for endless, yet trendy combinations – Fall and Fashion is all about making a fashion statement.

Fall and Fashion Gel Polish Value Kit includes:
#66 Jade Garden – This charming vibrant jade colour represents serenity, tranquility, and purity. It was inspired by the powers of Jade, a stone that’s believed to bring in good luck, friendship, peace, and harmony.
#67 Strong Blue –  This sumptuously rich shade of blue makes a bold statement, while still appearing regal and refined.
#68 Melted Beige – Cool, creamy neutral that plays nice with all skin tones. Wear if you like compliments.
#69 Orange Style – An uber cool fashion forward statement orange that’s always right for everything.
#70 Celery Yellow – A soft, baby yellow with a creamy white base for rich, opaque coverage that allows even this soft yellow to make a statement this season.
#71 Military Olive – A statement dark olive-y military green that works especially well in the fall. Uniquely expressive, this chic shade creates a confident, strong, bold look any time of the year.
#72 Tawny Birch (One Coat Coverage) – A creamy milk chocolate brown. A perfect medium color that every skin tone can wear.
#73 Peach Blossom – A precious mixture of peachy-champagne toned glitter that creates a dazzling look.

Cure time: UV 2 min in 36 watt lamp; LED 30 sec
Size: 8 x 15 ml