Cozy Classics – Gel Polish Value Kit

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Cozy Classics is a necessity for the chilly fall season. A cozy, enveloping, irresistible assortment of soft and muted tones: from greys to purples, and delicate pinks. This kit is packed all time favourite neutral colors that are loved and adored by all!

Cozy up and wind down, this collection is as cozy as your favourite sweater.

Cozy Classics Gel Polish Value Kit includes:
#74 Blushing Brilliance –
A soft pink with a touch of warm gold shimmer throughout.
#75 Radiant Rosé – A sweet baby pink with a touch of elegant diamond dust shimmer. The light captures this delicate shimmer and makes the diamond truly sparkle.
#76 Frozen Grapes (One Coat Coverage) – With cool grape and soft gray undertones, this creamy mauve is the perfect neutral nude. A favorite for fall, this subtle shade sets a serene mood from morning to dusk, all year round.
#77 Porcelain Vase – Not quite purple, not quite pink, and not quite tan, this demure and dusty shade of porcelain vase is the utmost in soft femininity.
#78 French Perfume (One Coat Coverage) – A natural creamy warm griege taupe. This will be a favorite with all.
#79 Smoky Day (One Coat Coverage) – A subtle grayed grape that is more interesting than a traditional gray and gives a modern alternative that is ever so wearable.
#80 Hazy Lilac (One Coat Coverage) – An elegant lilac gray that’s both captivating and romantic. Transport yourself to an endless field of lavender or to a evening dinner party with this eye-catching shade.
#81 Lilac Pink – Mysterious, dusty and deep, this dark creamy shade of lilac with subtle shades of soft pink is a unique take on a beloved color.

Cure time: UV 2 min in 36 watt lamp; LED 30 sec
Size: 8 x 15 ml